Romance with Lake Michigan

What comes to mind when you think of Wisconsin? Cheese? That used to be the only association I had with this state before I moved here. Hold tight, though, because I am about to tell you why you should stop underestimating the beautiful state of Wisconsin.

I grew up near St. Louis, Missouri, but I decided I wanted to start somewhere fresh after graduating high school. I started looking into Carthage College because it was a small liberal arts school, and seemed to be exactly what I was looking for. I read that it was right on Lake Michigan, which I thought sounded nice, but I had no idea how much its beauty exceeded the word “nice”. When I made the trip up here to tour the college I didn’t really know what to expect, and to be honest, I didn’t really have any expectations for Kenosha, Wisconsin at all. Boy, was I blown away. I remember my first glance at Lake Michigan as we approached the campus and thinking, “THAT IS NOT A LAKE. THAT IS AN OCEAN.” If you have never seen a Great Lake before, you need to. Put it on your bucket list–I recommend Lake Michigan. 😉

One of the most intriguing things about Lake Michigan is its multitude of moods that comes with a variety of different shades of blue. My personal favorite Lake Michigan Mood combo happens to be the one presenting itself the very first time I laid eyes on it–relatively calm and bright turquoise blue. The lake has so much power that its mood sets the tone for the entire downtown area each day. If the lake is energetic, so are the people. If the lake is angry, the town feels grumpy. It is artistic and amazing, and it can make a nature-lover out of anyone. As you may have guessed, my first encounter with Kenosha had me sold. I could not bring myself to leave after I graduated in May of 2016, so here I am, still thriving off Lake Michigan’s beauty.

If my love story about Kenosha and Lake Michigan has left you dying to see it for yourself, you need to come during the summer when it is in its prime–when all the ice of the brutal Wisconsin winter thaws and life emerges again. I don’t want to overlook autumn, however, which is my personal favorite season. I did not know what fall looked like until I moved here. In St. Louis, the leaves turn a little yellow for about two weeks at the end of October or early November. Up here, it starts in September, and the colors are so much richer. It is absolutely beautiful, and all of you need to see it. Spend an October in Kenosha and you will open your eyes to what autumn is supposed to look like. The vibrant orange and red leaves against the rich blue of the lake–it’s enticing. I am still amazed by its beauty. I still veer out of my lane when driving by the lake because I just can’t keep my eyes on the road. And even though I hate winter, it can be pretty gorgeous here, too. A fresh blanket of snow looks stunning against the lake, and the burgs of ice that form near the shore are pretty neat, as well. The rich blue and white colors of winter are almost as appealing as the vibrant orange and breathtaking blue color combo of fall.

Long story short, it feels good to be this in love with where I live, and I just want to share my joy with all of you.



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